Must-do in California | Que Debes Hacer en California

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Whenever I visit California, I have to eat Mexican food. The Mexican food in California is very authentic. Almost like being in Mexico.

After driving around Laguna Beach, we visited Newport Beach, which is a seaside city in Orange County. Newport Beach is famous for its oceanfront mansions and yacht-lined harbor. As a matter of fact, some Hollywood starts live here. Continue reading “Must-do in California | Que Debes Hacer en California”

Christmas Day Outfit | Atuendo De Navidad

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I can’t believe Christmas 2017 is over — time flies! Now, I need to get ready for the New Year’s Eve celebration. But before I do, I’d like to tell you about the outfit I decided to wear for Christmas Day.

This year, Santa gave me the absolutely gorgeous and unique Gucci’s Dionysus shoulder bag. So I couldn’t wait to wear it, and I decided to pick out my outfit based on the colors of the bag. Continue reading “Christmas Day Outfit | Atuendo De Navidad”

Christmas Inspiration | Inspiración Navideña

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It’s Christmas, my favorite holiday! Family, music, food, gifts, and Santa Claus. It doesn’t get any better than this. Eduard Pola and George Wyle were so right when they wrote the song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, because it really is.

This year my husband and I hosted Christmas Eve at our home sweet home. Here are all the details: Continue reading “Christmas Inspiration | Inspiración Navideña”

Snow Day Stylish Outfit | Atuendo Con Estilo Para Un Día Nevado

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There is nothing more beautiful in the winter time, especially around the holidays, than a snow day.

I’m from a place where the summers are long and hot, and the winters are dry and it almost never snows. I never had to worry about what to wear on a snowy day because it never snowed.

However, ever since I moved to New York, I prepare myself for the snow every year with four basic items: Continue reading “Snow Day Stylish Outfit | Atuendo Con Estilo Para Un Día Nevado”